When Homeschooling is Hard


Mom, Teacher, or Superhero? 

Truth be told, there will be very few days when you feel like a superhero. Some days will, in fact, be very, very hard. When

you have the flu

your kids have the flu

your student won’t (or can’t) focus

your kid copied math answers from the back of the book

your lesson plans don’t match the workbook

you got the wrong edition of the workbook

your kids won’t stop fight

your brain won’t engage in mathematics

you can’t feel your brain at all…

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! In fact, there are many ways you can still salvage your day.


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.37.52 PMGET MAD! – pillow fights are a great way to let out frustration without hurting anyone. If you are up to it, you could even explain the physics behind cause and effect, or tell one thing you love about your child every time you gently hit him. (Very therapeutic for both!)


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.37.57 PM

RUN AWAY! – Lead your kids in a run or walk around your backyard or local park. If it’s raining, you can talk about the water cycle; if the sun is shining, the topic could be space ☺ We spent a lot of time on our bikes, and the fresh air always helped to put things into perspective.


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.38.02 PMHIDE! – Hide and seek, or any other physical game, does wonders to restore relationships at home. We use “ indoor snow balls” and turn our house into a battlefield with laser tag! It can even count as P.E… 


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.38.06 PMDESTROY! – Make a copy of today’s lesson plans and shred it, toss it, fling it, stomp on it. Share your feelings with your children, then ask them to share theirs with you. Remind yourself that this is another teachable moment in their education. (Notice that the original plan is still good for use tomorrow!)


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.38.11 PM

IGNORE! – Ignore the panic you feel: your kids will still graduate from high school, even after a day without lesson plans


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.38.16 PMEAT, DRINK AND MAKE MERRY! – Tea with jam and bread, or a cookie and hot chocolate in front of a wholesome movie will restore hydration, blood sugar levels, and attention spans, making it possible for you to reassess the day. What did you learn about yourself? How can you be ready next time? You can ask your kids to draw a picture of what happened, or write a paper, or invent their own recipe, or do the dishes, or reenact the movie, or….  So many possibilities that can count as Language Arts, home ec., P.E., drama, art, etc. In the end, you actually had a GREAT school day.

To borrow a quote from Winnie the Pooh, if you are a homeschooling mom, “You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, and SMARTER than you think.”




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